Wednesday, April 23, 2014

NaPoWriMo 23: Joy's Wings

In a sky of clouds,
Joy is vital to live a life,
Sprinkled with kindness and travels.
Joy speaks stronger than you know.
It blows in the west wind,
Of this opportunist land.
Its wingstrokes bring happiness,
Throughout the Sierras and the Rockies.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

NaPoWriMo 22: The Child's Fable

As I sat one night,
By her bed,
I spotted a book of fables.

I cracked it open for a peek,
The pages glowed,
With knights, stallions and queens.

At her request,
I turned to a certain one of choice,
Of a princess and her maid.

The story explodes into color and theme,
With dragons to boot,
I too am intrigued.

When the fable ends,
We smile,
And I close the book.

"Maybe just one more...?"

NaPoWriMo 22: She Sings

She fell clean over,
That fine, sunny day.
She was just jogging by,
And before she knew it,
The ground was her location,
Tripped over a raggedy, old dog.
In the midst of my laughing and pointing,
He picked her up again,
Righting her gently on her feet,
So that she began to sing.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NaPoWriMo 20: Dear Dumb Ones (From the Dog)

The humans are at it again.
They've been absent all day.
And now they sit themselves upon the large human bed.
To stare, entranced, at a flashing, colorful picture-mover.
I see no point in their doings.
What fun is staring?
But they seem to enjoy it.
So I take this opportunity to sit on their laps.
And use their warmth to provide a nice napping spot.
Thank you, dumb humans.

NaPoWriMo 19: Strawberry Top

The mountain looms,
Above the forest,
Its strawberry top,
Dusted with snow.
Not the mushy, wet kind,
But the light, feathery type,
That blows with the wind,
And dances in breeze.
The peak is shrouded,
By thick layers of clouds.
Not the dark, gloomy ones,
But the bright, fluffy type,
That lightens the sky,
And floats in and out.
That is our mountain.

Friday, April 18, 2014

NaPoWriMo 18: Thoughts?

Thoughts swim around me,
I reach out at one,
From my perch on the shore,
Lose my balance,
Into the deep,
I plunge.
They flit by,
Flapping little notions,
As they go.
I kick out.
They scatter.
I pull myself deeper,
To follow them,
During their playful antics.
They dart toward me,
And back away again.
I am determined.
I fling an arm out,

I have caught a thought.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

NaPoWriMo 17: Crisp Hay

The crisp hay,
Strong scent wafts,
To my nose,
Fresh and sharp.
It brings up memories,
Of good times,
Full of horses,
In their gentle spirits.
Reviving thoughts,
Its crisp smell,
Seeps into my mind,
Makes me happy.

Horses and hay.